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Eco Electrical Systems designs and manufactures wildlife outage protective products for avian/bird, squirrel, and other wildlife for overhead electrical distribution systems and substations.

The wildlife outage protection products are designed to be installed while the circuit and equipment is energized with approved hot line tools or approved rubber protective products. All products utilize "snap fit pins" to prevent the covers from blowing off or becoming dislodged during periods of high winds.


The insulator/conductor covers are designed to "sit up" on top of the insulator and not jeopardize the leakage distance of the insulator.

The cutout covers also employ our "snap fit pins" to insure they will not blow off or become dislodged during periods of high winds. The non-loadbreak designs are designed so the lineman can operate the fuse door with a loadbreak tool. The cover does not have to be removed for operation. Cutout covers are designed to fit a multitude of manufactured cutouts. The ECC-1 will fit AB Chance, ABB, S&C, and Cooper Power cutouts 15 kV 110 BIL and 27 kV 125 BIL. One cover will fit 7 different cutouts.

Electric energy providers have been designing and constructing electrical distribution circuits for nearly a century, utilizing wood, steel, concrete and composite poles. These poles provide a perch for birds to hunt for prey, provide shade in the summer and protection from the elements. Smaller birds such as sparrows and pigeons perch above electrical equipment, defecate on the equipment, bushings, cutouts, arrestors and terminations which results in heavy contamination buildup and the result is failure, an outage, and an upset customer. Squirrels and other wildlife interact with powerlines and equipment causing thousands of outages to customers, residential and industrial.

Utilities can take a proactive approach to these wildlife caused outages by looking at their existing construction standards. The Avian Powerline Interaction Committee, or APLIC for short, consisting of approximately 30+ utility members has recently revised their "Suggested Practices for Avian Protection on Power Lines" in 2006. This guide will serve as a good reference for reducing not only bird related outages but also other wildlife induced outages.

The benefits of implementing wildlife outage protection measures include:

  • Compliance with Federal Laws
    The Golden and Bald Eagle Protection Act, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and the Endangered Species Act. Yes, a utility can be held liable for the electrocution of protected birds and can be subject to Federal prosecution under these laws.
  • Reduced momentary and permanent outages
    During new construction installation of these products will reduce costs vs retrofitting
  • Environmental Awareness/Stewardship
    Protection of wildlife
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