Overhead Line Design Issues


The majority of wildlife related outage issues occur on equipment structures, i.e. transformer poles, transformer banks, capacitor banks, regulators, reclosers, etc.

Birds will defecate on arrestors, cutouts, bushings, terminations, insulators, and anything else they are perched above. This excrement/contamination will eventually cause a failure. Configure the jumper leads so the birds are not perching above the cutouts, arrestors, and bushings. Position the jumpers to the sides when they exit the cutouts, arrestors, etc. Don’t let the birds perch above the equipment and contaminate what’s below as in this picture to the right.

Raptors will perch on crossarms, pole tops, equipment, phases, jumpers, and equipment to hunt and also consume their prey. As you can see in the photo to the right this Swainsons Hawk is sitting in a very dangerous area of the structure. The jumpers have a tubing installed but there are openings in the tubing very close to the bird. The top section of the cutouts are exposed, the top section of the arrestors are exposed and the ground lead of the arrestors is very close to the birds tail. All a recipe for failure.

Hawk on power line
Hawk on power line
Hawk on power line

Methods Utilized for the Prevention of Wood Structure Fires Caused by Leakage Currents

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