Insulator Covers

Installation Steps - H Series


The EICG-1B-NP is a 3 piece cover designed for ANSI 55 series tie top pin and ANSI 57 series tie top post type insulators, F neck, tangent construction. Not designed for side tie applications or running angles. The arms are one piece and the cover installs in one piece.


The EICG-2B-NP is a 3 piece cover designed for ANSI class 56 insulators, pin type, J and K neck, tangent construction only. Not designed for side tie applications or running angles. The arms are one piece. Note: NP indicates new pin style.


Designed for side tie, running angle applications, ANSI Class 55-5 and 57 series porcelain insulators. Conductors up to 397, angles up to 40 degrees.


Designed for side tie running angles. Insulators ANSI 55-6, conductors up to 397. The bolt on the side of the cap should be located opposite the conductor and when installed will be located under the ear of the insulator.


Designed for ANSI Class 55-2, 55-3, C Neck, pin and post, porcelain and polymer Insulators, top tied. Not designed for side tie applications.


The EVTA-1B-NP is designed for ViceTop insulators, Hendrix, PLP, Victor. The arms are one piece, part #1B, no tab. See EVTA-1T for snap fit tabbed arms. Installs in one piece, insulator cover and arms. Then install the snap fit pins. For a 3 piece installation see EVTA-HSW series. The EVTA-HSW series also accepts downstrains.


Designed for Lindsey Clamp type insulators, ANSI Class 55-5, 55-4


The ECT-1B-V-NP is a 3 piece cover designed for vertical clamp top post insulators, porcelain and polymer, ANSI class 57 series. The arms are one piece


Designed for horizontal clamp tops.
Shed diameter 6.5 inches’


The ESS-1B is a 2 piece cover designed for slack span situations where the tail or jumper passes through the insulator. A pin has to be installed behind the insulator, under the tail or jumper to prevent the cover from lifting up and sliding down the conductor ending up in mid span. If the conductor deadends into a pin or post insulator in a slack span configuration this cover will not work.

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