Wildlife Outage Protection

California Proposition 65 Compliant



Eco cutout covers ECC-UMC-FR, ECC-UHC-FR and ECC-10UC-FR pass and EXCEED IEEE 1656 Wet Withstand Test Moving Electrode, Power Arc Test, Wet Power Frequency Flashover Test, Lightning Impulse Withstand Test and they’re UL 94 V0, 5VB and 5VA rated.

To our knowledge, this is the only known material for avian protection products to have the highest flame retardant classification of 5VA under the UL 94 Standard, highly track resistant and UV resistant.

Power Arc cutout cover

This test is performed on an Eco Electrical Systems ECC-UHC-FR, flame retardant, highly track resistant, UV resistant avian protection cutout cover to see if it will catch fire or melt under a High Current (Power Arc) Test. It passed the IEEE 1656 Guide requirements!

Eco Electrical Systems has been designing and manufacturing avian protection products, bird guards for power lines, for over 20 years.

Our innovative bird guard covers for power lines have improved reliability by reducing avian and wildlife electrocutions, wildfires caused by avian wildlife electrocution, momentary, and permanent power outages on distribution, transmission, and substation power lines for major electrical utilities for over 20 years. We tested our wildlife outage protection prototype designs back in 2001 at a high voltage lab under dry and wet conditions according to IEEE 4, ASTM C 29.1. Eco Electrical has developed a highly track resistant material tested to ASTM D2303 Initial Tracking Method that is also flame retardant, UL 94 V0, 5VB and 5VA, the highest classification. This FR material has been used for over 30 years, indoors and outdoors. The universal flame retardant cutout covers have been tested and EXCEED the IEEE 1656-2010 Guide. Our ECC-UHC and ECC-UHC-FR cutout cover fits Type XS polymer and porcelain cutouts. The ECC-10UC and ECC-10UC-FR fits SMD style cutouts porcelain and polymer. Our APLIC compliant insulator conductor guards are designed for various high voltage distribution insulators, pin, post, clamp top vertical and horizontal, vice top, polymer, porcelain, top tie, side tie, angles, and down strains, without shorting the leakage distance of the insulator. We are the first company to design and use our patented snap-fit pins to secure our bird guards in extremely high winds to the power lines they are designed for.

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