The design of wildlife outage protection products may appear to be quite simple but rather it is quite complicated. These covers must not interfere with the dielectric properties of the insulator that they are interfacing with. They must also remain fixed or in place and not rotate or become dislodged during periods of high winds. They should fit a multitude of products, i.e. various sizes of insulators or cutouts. These products need to be UV resistant, track resistant, puncture-resistant for the voltage that they are being applied, and not cause or contribute to structure failure, i.e. pole fires due to high levels of leakage current. Our snap-fit pins provide a secure, mechanical method to prevent the covers from blowing off.

During the design process, we collaborated with a number of utilities to ensure the materials and design would meet their approval and acceptance. Prototypes would be made, lineman would hot stick and install the products at test facilities and after final approval, tooling would be procured.

We invite your comments, suggestions, and questions. Feel free to contact us anytime with your wildlife issues. Please call 775-853-8623 PST. We’ve helped numerous utilities, Fortune 100 companies, US Military and Energy Providers with wildlife-related issues, Avian Protection Plans, and other electrical issues.

Eco Electrical Systems wildlife outage protection products are intended and designed for inadvertent contact by wildlife. They are not intended or designed to be used as insulating protection for employees or the general public from electrically energized equipment.

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